About Us

“Take food as your medicine before you take medicine as your food.” – Anonymous

Epare Bangla is for those who have a chic yet homely take on fine dining. It is a gastronomical gateway for all the foodies who take Bengali tradition and food very earnestly and dearly. Known for its robust flavours and exquisite items, Epare Bangla is one of the best bengali restaurant in Siliguri, addressing the hunger for taste and something different yet Bengali.

Epare Bangla is an address to enjoy the culinary delights of Bengal in Siliguri. The sheen of the fine cutlery and crockery, the best ingredients and top-notch service made Epare Bangla a preferred destination for all drooling over Bengali cuisine.

The popularity of this restaurant has grown leaps and bounds over the past few days owing to the delivery of hospitality, flavours and deliciousness. Epare Bangla reflects the vibrancy of Bengali dishes that are most common or staple in Bengali households in all its authenticity.

We bring together some of the staples and give emphasis on fish, meat and vegetables. This cuisine has travelled miles to reach where it is today and hence makes use of local spices tossed in a method that is dear and unique to Bengal.

With a zest of love, care and hospitality we attempt to bring Bengal on your plate and transfer you back to the culinary era of Bengal at every bite. We acknowledge that food not only caters to hunger but also the emotional quotient and we strive to gratify that window of emotion where we can sprinkle flavours and dishes that are unique to us.

Come, take a gastronomical flight back to Bengal!